Alcibiades (yjudaes) wrote in spn_color,

Dean, Sam, & friend / G / gen

Artist's Name: Katie
Artist's E-mail:
Website or LJ: yjudaes / DeviantArt
Notes: i don't know what possessed me, other than that i would really like to see this happen on the show - although since neither Dean nor Sam is a virgin girl (i think?) i doubt it ever will. this was done in pencil and then cleaned up in OpenCanvas; it probably took me longer to clean it up than it did to actually draw it. there was originally a moon, but i took it out since i realized its position totally threw the lighting off. if anyone colors this, i'd love to see the final result! :]

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Maybe it could be a flashback to virgin! Dean or Sam?

I really love it - thanks for sharing!

pshhh, Dean was NEVER a virgin.

....hahahah, that was awful.
thank you!
Dude, your Sam is GUH. I want to colour this, I want to icon it! I'm going to print it out and make out with it. Seriously.
ahaha, feel free to do both! and thanks very much, i'm glad you like him. i wasn't sure at first. :]
I love your Sam. :)
me too. i take very good care of him, and i feed him cookies and warm milk and - thank you. ;]
Great work
You are welcome
This is amazing!
Nice! Gotta love those silver moonbeam riding creatures... :-)

Oh, gotta love the boys too... definitely!
Oh wow! I just realized you did this before that episode aired... Even better!
okay...your sam?

i want to bite the pointy tip of his nose!!!

this was lovely!

*gives you tons of cookies*
Hey! Wonderful work! I liked it so much I colored it in!
Hopefully the link should take you right to it, but if not just go to my journal and it should be visible.
=D Hope you like it!