SUGAR AND SPICED RUM AND EVERYTHING NICE (ginnytonnick) wrote in spn_color,

Glockgal : Sam & Dean [g] gen

Artist's Name: glockgal
Artist's E-mail:
Website or LJ:
Notes: Hope this drawing is fun and easy for you to color. Have fun!

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"Chain my brother up willya!" POW!

Wonderful posing and detail - thanks so much for sharing. :-)

This is very cool
awesome. :)
So cool!
OH MY GOD. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY THIS MAKES MY INSIDES. I've been a fan of yours for SO LONG...and of course, I love all your art, but I didn't know you were a SPN fangirl!! I swear, a tiny little unicorn is jumping around and poking holes in my stomach...sooo good...-passes out-
IAWTC 100%. :) :) :)
AHAHA. Awesome. Dean is the BEST.
My giddy is about to show through, cuz Sammy is being choked and Dean is pissed! This is awesome.

I have never noticed any SPN art from you before, but maybe it was before I knew who the Winchesters were. ::looks around:: This totally makes my day.
AHHH! Supernatural art! This damn show is eating my life! I love Dean's expression, and how I kinda flinched when I saw this picture. utterly amazed...


please to see icon for current state of being.

i've been following your art for years and think you're the best of the best. your work on hp has made my computer and pants very happy.

and to see you draw supernatural?

*heart essplodes from happiness*

*gives you tons of cookies and a three-tier cake*
Oooh, I love how this picture tells a whole story just in that one frame.
Fuckin' A, man!

Rock on. :)