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Quick Pimp

Coloring books aren't just for Supernatural anymore.

There's a new panfandom coloring book art community.


Go check it out.


kiriyamanox : Slumberparty [g] wee!cest

Name: Me!! Adriel Flores Román, Aka Kiriyama-nox
Title: Slumberparty
Artist's E-mail: personaefan@hotmail.com
Website or LJ: site / lj
Notes: Yay! First of all, thanks for inviting me to participate in this AWESSOOOME project!! And second, Y'ALL HAVE TO SUPPORT WINCEST!!! because... WINCEST JUST EFFIN' RULZZ!!!. That's it! ahhhh and yeah... HI MOM!!

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_audrey [Sam & Dean (dead things)] / G? / [gen]

Artist's Name: _audrey
Artist's E-mail: audrey_fox83@hotmail.com
Website or LJ: d0wn_on_paper
Notes: I just like the idea of the boys finding random bodies-in-walls on occasion.

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_audrey : [Dean & Sam (men at work) / G / [gen]

Artist's Name: _audrey
Artist's E-mail: audrey_fox83@hotmail.com
Website or LJ: d0wn_on_paper
Notes: ...Because I'm twelve. And that read sign never fails to make me think of Winchesters gravedigging.

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Glockgal : Sam & Dean [g] gen

Artist's Name: glockgal
Artist's E-mail: glockgal@gmail.com
Website or LJ: twinners.org
Notes: Hope this drawing is fun and easy for you to color. Have fun!

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Dean, Sam, & friend / G / gen

Artist's Name: Katie
Artist's E-mail: yjudaes@yahoo.com
Website or LJ: yjudaes / DeviantArt
Notes: i don't know what possessed me, other than that i would really like to see this happen on the show - although since neither Dean nor Sam is a virgin girl (i think?) i doubt it ever will. this was done in pencil and then cleaned up in OpenCanvas; it probably took me longer to clean it up than it did to actually draw it. there was originally a moon, but i took it out since i realized its position totally threw the lighting off. if anyone colors this, i'd love to see the final result! :]

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She's SMOKIN'!

For your coloring pleasure. click for hunka hunka burnin' loveCollapse )


Push Back

Hi, everybody. I hope your holidays are going well. :)

As you know, today was the deadline for the Holiday Book - December 22. But after being contacted by a couple artists who are crunched for time or away from their home computers, I'm going to push back the deadline until December 29th.

Hopefully this fan allows artists enough chance to get through the holidays and still post an entry.

Tomorrow I'll start putting through the submissions the community has already collected, and let me just say they are beautiful!

Thanks for sticking around, folks, and sit tight. The coloring book is still on. :D


Welcome aboard!

All images within are copyright to artist who created them, and are posted for personal use only. Do not duplicate the images for purposes than your own coloring enjoyment! Violators will be devoured by evil clowns. Some images may or may not be suitable for children to view.

A coloring book is a book containing line art for readers to add color using crayons, colored pencils, or similar implements.

The Supernatural Coloring Book is a gathering of fan art done in the coloring book tradition of black and white line art, so other fans can print out the pages and add color.

All you have to do is come up with a page idea. We accept all sorts of things - a story lined comic, character portraits, action scenes, and etc. We'll accept pre-series wee!chesters, current characters, or future scenes. The Supernatural Coloring Book is open to all pairings and ratings, as long as the post is labeled properly.

You do not need to have a livejournal to participate. Send a link to your fan art at nardasarmy [@] livejournal [dot] com, and I'll add it to the coloring book. Make sure to add all the correct submission information along with your link!

Photobucket is pretty good for hosting images for free.

Deadline: December 22, 2006
I'm trying to have this completed for the winter holidays, so it's a nice gift from the fan artists to the other fen. Links sent by e-mail after the deadline may not appear in the community or gathered pdf and zip file in time.

Submission Guidelines:

1. All art must be black and white line art for others to color, as tradition.
2. Max size - 800 X 800 and 200K
3. Save as .gif, .jpg, or .png only
4. All images should be under an lj-cut

Subject line: [character(s)] / rating / [gen/het/slash]

Header: Include this information on all posts and in e-mailed submissions

<b>Artist's Name:</b> livejournal user name, on line handle, or preferred name
<b>Artist's E-mail:</b>
<b>Website or LJ:</b>

You are more than welcome to submit more than one coloring book page. However, please label your finished files with your name and the order you've submitted it. As an example, I would submit work with the file name: nardasarmy01.jpg, nardasarmy02.jpg, etc.

The characters from Supernatural are the point of this project, so every submission should have at least one canon character. Crossovers and original characters are welcome, as long as the focus remains on the Supernatural canon characters.

Photo manipulations are welcome as long as they follow the rules as they've been set, and an effort is put into them beyond reducing a hi-res picture into a sketch via photoshop filters.

Please use your good judgment in regards to violent and sexual imagery. This is an adult show, but the coloring book is for everyone. Keep that in mind.

Thanks for participating, and good luck!